Many of us feel an urge to give back to the people, causes, and communities which shaped us and by which we have come to be defined and I am fortunate enough to be able to do so. I feel extremely privileged to be launching the Nick Maughan Foundation, which will be dedicating time and resources to organisations across three ‘Pillars’ close to my heart: Education, the Environment, and Communities. To mark its launch, as well as my 40th birthday, I have endowed the Foundation with £1m to fund its first year of activity and look forward to expanding the budget in the years to come.


Pillar I.

It is impossible to overstate the formative role that our years of schooling have on us throughout our lives. Providing children with the best educational start in life shapes not only their futures, but those of their families in preceding and subsequent generations. One great teacher can instil a permanent gift of intellectual curiosity, while negative experiences can clearly have the inverse effect. The future strength of civilised society depends in no small way on harnessing the brightest and the best, those gifted with exceptional natural ability, to help them push themselves forward. In equal measure it depends on continually raising standards across the board to stop those who struggle from being left behind and giving every child the best education we possibly can.

The Foundation helps London-based children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have the same opportunities those from more fortunate backgrounds have. The Foundation works to identify suitable opportunities to award grants and scholarships to high-achieving children from families below the median-income level, as well as providing funding for under-resourced schools.


Pillar II.

The Foundation is as much about learning as it is about giving. We will be reaching out to individuals and organisations with greater experience than ourselves with which to partner on projects of interest and impact.


Pillar III.

Community is the bond which brings people together, lifts them up, and gives them a sense of purpose and belonging in an uncertain world. Nurturing a fairer, more resilient and more cohesive society starts with community.

The Foundation supports local, community-based solutions to engrained social problems. We target our funding towards organisations and initiatives that promote opportunity in the most disadvantaged communities in the UK – from local services for vulnerable young people, to community-based mental health initiatives and charitable projects aimed at countering discrimination against disenfranchised groups.